Call for Abstracts: Student Posters

AIHce 2015 is now accepting abstracts for student poster presentations.

  • Submissions must be received electronically by 5:00 p.m. CT, March 20, 2015.
  • Submissions received after the deadline will not be considered. No exceptions will be made.
  • Abstracts will only be accepted for research that has been completed

Preparing Your Abstract


  • Use Microsoft Word to create your abstract.
  • Use standard “Arial” 11 point font for text and symbols. Do not use a third-party symbol font.
  • Set all text as flush left, unjustified, and do not indent. Please leave a blank line between sections and paragraphs. Do not place hard returns at the end of each line; use hard returns only at the end of sections or paragraphs.


Type the title in bold, starting on the first line of the page. Use Title Case where the first letter of each word is capitalized. Make the title brief, clearly indicating the nature of your abstract.

Leave a blank line after the title then continue with the author information. List the student presenting author first (Use initials first then last name) followed by the student’s advisor and other authors. List school, and city of each author.

  • For authors who have the same school and address, list those names together, separated by commas, then employer and address.
  • Do not use titles or degrees after the authors’ names.
  • Do not use subscript to reference multiple authors.


Leave a blank line between the heading and abstract; then single-space throughout the abstract.

Important! Make sure the body of your abstract contains distinct sections with headings to include at a minimum: Objective(s), Methods, Results, and Conclusions. These words are not counted towards your 300 word limit. The maximum word limit is 300 words for the body of the abstract, and is strictly enforced. There is no minimum word requirement. Abstracts must be free from grammatical and spelling errors. Abstracts that are not grammatically correct or have misspellings will be returned. Please proofread carefully for factual, spelling, and size errors.

Do not use tables, figures, or bibliographic references. Use standard abbreviations and symbols (refer to Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene Instructions for Authors). Keep abbreviations to a minimum, and define each one when used for the first time.

Please follow the format of the Sample Student Abstract.

Submitting Your Abstract

You must include the following at the bottom of your abstract. Make certain the corresponding email address is complete, as this is the only way we will contact you.

  • Students Full Name:
  • Graduate ____ or Undergraduate _____
  • School:
  • School Address:
  • City, State, Zip:
  • Country (if other than U.S.):
  • E-mail (REQUIRED):
  • Phone:
  • Research Advisor Name:
  • Research Advisor Email: