The Past Story of Learn New Strategies for Playing Poker Online Throughout US

While casino and sportsbook work hard to pass the laws so they can serve the online service to the US members throughout all states in US, not all people know the fate of poker game. Poker has always been the most favorite and popular game in US and this game is played often in land-based casino. When it comes to poker online, there are several options for it as well related to the legality when international, federal and state laws give the role for it.

Learn New Strategies for Playing Poker Online in US, Was It Legal or Illegal?

In US itself, poker has been played since 1800s but it took about 20 years to play poker through online version. PlanetPoker was the first site to offer the poker game in 1998 and give many strategies for playing poker online before being closed down a year later due to some technical problems. Basically, you can see the foundation of poker online was laid in 1900s with online sbobet site explosion founded in the market. PlanetPoker was successful enough in this stage. The initial rake was about 5% and it became the standard of the industry.

Unfortunately, this site also became the prey to the UIGEA enactment and suddenly stopped accepting real money bets. Nowadays, the states have individual ability to set and make their own poker gambling laws especially about online poker and poker rooms so the people can access it easily. At this time, there are not many states offer poker service though some of them have the right to offer casino and sportsbook using online version. Though poker belongs to casino, the system might be different.

More states still look for the legality of poker online to make it as the revenue source and to prevent people from spending money at the offshore poker online sites. The Congress passed UIGEA in 2006 and it was signed by President Bush into the law as the part of Port Security Bill. The law had no impact at all on the legalization of online gaming as well as the accessing online poker. However, it made it nor legal for online betting site to offer the online betting services to US members.

The Effect New Strategies of UIGEA for Playing Poker Online Several Years Ago

When the bill was already passed, many offshore betting sites faced the prosecution from federal if they still offered the services to US residents. Additionally, the banks as the main transaction would be prosecuted too. However, it wasn’t illegal for people to access and play the online poker with real money. But the problem is, it was almost impossible for people to find the methods to pay like deposit that can be used for the sites. The players could not use debit or credit cards even for electronically payment.

The only way for people back then to play with poker was using prepaid card. Though they could deposit the money, they had to face another problem which was the withdrawal and it was all because of UIGEA. After UIGEA, the lobbying began and gave their efforts to make the law down. The active protester at that time was The Poker Players Alliance and the lobbied in the state of Washington and conducted the fundraisers to raise the awareness of public. Even now, the Alliance is still active somehow with millions of people joining it.

The Fate of Poker Online in New Strategies After UIGEA

Even after UIGEA, the online rooms for poker remained active and US players could find their ways to manage even create online accounts. In April 2011, everything was changed in online poker world. That day was famously known as Black Friday. It was the day which Department of Justice in US unsealed the indictment against some executives of PokerStars, Absolute Poker and Full Tilt Poker. The complaint was mainly filled by civil against those companies but the names had to face their lives in the jail.

PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker ceased the offering online poker to US members immediately and Absolute Poker was the next to follow the suit. The result was those poker online sites blocked US people to access online poker with real money but some of them continued offering online poker services to players at other locations. After the week of Black Friday, US members could start withdrawing the balances from their own accounts. Black Friday shut out the US members completely from the poker sites and Full Tilt Poker lost its license.